Image Comics Review: Nocterra #7

Feb 2, 2022

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Nocterra #7 cover

The second arc of Nocterra is setting up to be even more intense than the last. And the next wild ride starts here with Nocterra #7.

Now, two-thirds of this issue is awesome. But the first few pages threw me off a bit. We get a shift in narration. Math becomes a central focus in the character’s internal monologue. Then we get introductions to a few new characters. It was weird to take in after the book had been on pause for a bit.

That was an adjustment to get used to even when we got to Outpost 31, where Marcelo Maiolo got to shine. But then the story found its rhythm. Readers find out this world is getting more dangerous — and there’s still so much more to learn about this matter. Some chaos ensues, with some serious repercussions. Most importantly, the Sundog Convoy has a new direction. And things are in position to get wild.

Outside of the Sundog convoy, there’s a look at what’s going on with Blacktop Bill. There are a couple wild developments with him — one that leads to violence (shocker) and more questions.

So yes, this is yet another quality issue of Nocterra and a promising start to the new arc. The re-entry into the story is a little slow, but that only takes up a small portion of the book — and there’s so much else to take from Nocterra #7.

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