Same immature robotic humor in “D4VE2 #1” (REVIEW)

Sep 15, 2015

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dv1D4VE2 #1
IDW Publishing

Story & Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Art & Colors: Valentine Ramon

It has been 365 night cycles (a year) since we last saw D4VE kicking alien butt. Since then alot has happened in D4VE’s life, but not really for the better. He is divorced, his son still thinks he is the worst and there are no aliens to fight, however things aren’t all down in the dumps for him. There is a big statue dedicated to D4VE as a thanks for saving 3ARTH, he’s got a new crush at work and it finally looks like aliens are back! dv3D4VE might have saved the world, but that doesn’t change the way everyone views him, which is made clear in this first issue of the next series.

This comic series had me in stitches with laughter last time. The slight turn on phrases and change of words to make everything robotic terms is very creative. Ryan Ferrier has a script that most people with a sense of humor will find funny and entertaining, those who don’t will see the script and dialogue as inappropriate and immature. Just like the first series, D4VE2 comes at us with a vision of how D4VE used to be awesome but dv2is once again looked down on. But as the story developed, his life might be getting better with possible aliens again, but not with his life being thrown in the blender first.

The illustrations and color that fill the splash pages and panels is vibrant. 3ARTH (or Earth) here in the future is a robotic, computerized smog filled cityscape and Valentine Ramon has done a fantastic job of giving robots a colorful life and keeping the readers very informed into how healthy the ecosystem and living conditions are. The characters are all very unique and interesting to look at and compare what personality and body type they’re representative of human. The previous series did an amazing job of parodying humanity in subtle and not so subtle ways. This new chapter into the life of D4VE keeps up the comparisons, and with the big reveal on the final page, I simply cannot wait to see the juxtaposition to humans and just how insane things will get on 3ARTH.


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