Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Filmmaking: The First Movie Made by AI

May 25, 2023

As technology keeps advancing and affecting various areas of our lives, our way of life changes. Today, numerous industries and businesses have transformed and are operating differently because of technology. 

People have even surrounded themselves with technology from their smartphones in their hands to virtual assistants at home. Things will only evolve from here on as technology advances further in the future. Now that people have shaped their lives with technology, they will continue to live that way and look forward to tech innovations.

People appreciate the ease technology brings as it helps them complete difficult and unwanted tasks. For instance, if you wanted to watch a movie in the past, you would have gone to the movie theatre and bought tickets for the movie you wanted to watch. However, now, you have the option to watch a movie online on your computer or smart television. 

Similarly, there are many other activities that can be done easily because of technology such as shopping, talking to your friends, playing games, etc. 

In fact, certain activities have been accustomed so that they could only be done online. One such activity includes playing games with cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency can only be used online, many activities that require cryptocurrency are done online. You can find a crypto live dealer at online casinos and play various games.

To evolve technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is being created where technology is programmed to act like a human. Many people use AI regularly through their virtual assistants at home or even on their phones. It hasn’t taken long for AI to fuse into the various industries and how we live.

Our dependency on these devices has caused the long ongoing debate of whether technology can evolve and overtake us. The entertainment industry has also begun making movies, TV shows, and other content to portray the positive and negative effects of AI in our lives. 

Many movies try to predict what would become of humanity or what dangers we could face in the future. However, one movie went a step further and has taken the help of AI to make a film. 

The first movie that was made by AI

‘The Safe Zone’ is a short film released in December 2022. The studios behind the production of the film, 28 Squared Studios and Moon Ventures, took the aid of ChatGPT which was released by Open AI to direct and write the film. They asked ChatGPT to generate a few ideas for the film’s plot. After deciding on the story, they asked the AI to produce a script for the movie. 

When asked, ChatGPT also provided a detailed list of outfits and props for the scenes. Additionally, it also gave instructions on camera shots, lighting, cast positionings, and the facial expressions each character should have. Even after everything was finalized, ChatGPT was referred to during the shooting of the film in case the team met with any obstacles. 

The Safe Zone’s plot and story

The story of the movie centers around AI and how it has taken over all aspects of the world. Because of the takeover, humanity has no chance of survival and people will be dying soon. However, there is a solution as there is a place free of all AI, known as ‘The Safe Zone’.

After finding out about this news, the 3 siblings, Emily, Lucy, and Jake begin to fight over which one of them gets to go to ‘The Safe Zone’. The entire movie was shot in one week and released on various online platforms.

The theme of the movie was to show the audience how technology could proceed in the future and how we could face the same outcome at some point. While AI has changed our lives for the better, we must be careful and cautious so that AI doesn’t take over our world.


The creation of ‘The Safe Zone’ can seem like AI could take over the filmmaking process entirely, however, the movie aimed to show something completely different. The film required a lot of work from the production team in addition to AI directing and writing it.

The AI needed much guidance to stay on point with the story and the script. The movie was meant to show the collaboration of humans and AI. It showed how people can effectively use AI to create creative content. 

This movie has also changed the face of filmmaking and cinematography. This short film is the perfect example of how movies or TV shows should use AI so they can shorten the time of the creative process. With the possibility of involving AI, this movie has shown the future of the entertainment industry and how AI would be involved in the filmmaking process.