Initial Impression: Playstation Move

Nov 2, 2010

Buying the Playstation Move with 2 controllers was one of the most difficult purchases I’ve ever made. On the one hand, I have a Wii that I’ve only used for maybe 5 hours this year. On the other hand, the Move is being talked about as the next iterative step in technology from the Wii. I had to decide if it was worth the money, and the jury is still out.

At this time, I have played only one Move supported game: Sports Champions. It features several sports including Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Archery. The latter is where I’ve spent the majority of my time. And I have to say, it’s very impressive. Compared to the archery simulation on the Wii, it is night and day in difference. The variety of targets and game modes, combined with better visuals and of course better controls, gives the Move a big advantage over the Wii. There were times that I truly felt like Robin Hood – especially when I split an arrow I had previously left on a target. The only fault I see in Archery, which speaks to Sports Champions as well, is that I can experience the game with 2 Move controllers or just 1. I don’t like options. I believe options only confuse consumers and makes it difficult for people to ‘keep up with the Jones’.” I’ve weighed in my mind that it is helpful to split the 2 controllers between you and a friend, thus allowing for a competitive multiplayer experience. However, the experience you share isn’t strong in terms of controls. I didn’t feel like Robin Hood when I had 1 Move controller in my hand.

More to come!