When I started GWW 10 years ago, I had no idea it would grow into the amazing community it is today. A place where all the world’s geeks can come together and share what we love!

Along the way we developed great relationships with some amazing creators and publishers across video games, comic books, and collectibles.

For the last few years, we’ve be paying the bills with dynamic display ads on the site - but I’ve never liked ads and they look terrible. This got me thinking about how we could do more for our community, help our publishers and other creators, and pay our bills without serving annoying ads.  

All that thinking led to the creation of our new Insiders Membership program. The goal is to offer unique discounts, early access, and deliver huge value to our community as a whole while satisfying three core needs all Geeks have:

  1. We want to be the first to get our Geek news.
  2. We want to play games and discuss comics with the Geek community.
  3. And we don’t like ads!

Out of the gate, our members will be receiving discounts courtesy of Inky Pen and Serial Box!

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