Inspired To Cosplay: A Story About Ones First Forray Into Cosplaying

Nov 11, 2014


IMG_0794After visiting my first convention in early October, I feel the need to become a cosplayer!

While attending the Wizard Con in Austin, TX, I was fascinated with the attention to detail that so many others had to recreate a character from science fiction or comics. It was amazing and inspiring.

As Halloween approached, I had more ideas of characters I wanted to be: She Hulk, Green Arrow, April from Lumberjanes, or any of the leading ladies in Rat Queens. However, I have a strict budget to consider and need something simple that I can actually recreate quickly.

So, I took advantage of a small Halloween party and played around with the clothes in my closet and a few trips to the Halloween costume store. I found a few pieces to make my first real attempt at cosplaying: lady Green Arrow. I wanted to be a leading character and not just someone’s sidekick.

I was introduced to Green Arrow through the CW Network’s television show. I binged watched the first two seasons in two weeks, and started reading the comic immediately after. I loved the background of Oliver Queen and the development of his character into becoming the savior of his Starling City. I also love archery, so it was just the right character to learn how to emulate for my first cosplay.

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Halloween was the best way to ease my way into this hobby. Everyone around was taking identities of others for a day of fun. I am naturally embarrassed with extra attention, so this was a great way for me to learn how to take costume elements, makeup, and gear to dress up as a titular character. I wasn’t nervous at all since everyone at the party was going to be something or one else for a day anyway.

During the time I was dressed up it was so fun to have people guess who I was – no I’m not Katniss, no I’m not IMG_0765some crazy lady wearing green with crazy eye makeup, I’m Green Arrow! There were a few people that recognized my take on a female version of the character, and that was great. I got to share my excitement and interest in the show as well as the comic in a fun, new and exciting way.

I would recommend for anyone interested in dabbling in cosplay to take advantage of Halloween or any other costume party. It’s a nice way to learn how to build a known character costume with all of the pieces that make it unique. In my case I had a cheap plastic arrow, an old black dress, black tights, and a green hoodie. I played around with eye makeup to make a mask. It was pretty simple, but it made me into who I wanted to be. Now I just need to save a bit of money to invest in some better costume pieces and I can attend my next con as an even better lady Green Arrow.

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