Introducing Indies: The Arcs

Sep 14, 2014

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Arcs cover

The Arcs (Fanboy Comics)

Created and Written by: Michael D. Poisson
Art by: Matt Jacobs

The Arcs begins by explaining how angels were created by God for the protection of man. These angels are always with us, even though they can never be seen. The angels have different jobs on Earth such as performing miracles, being guardians, sending messages, and so on. The trouble starts for the angels when God appoints seven archangels (each given a point from his crown) and leaves them in charge of protecting the people of the living world. Michael, the head of the angels was the only witness to the abdication. The relationship between the archangels is what drives the beginning chapters of this book.

Since God is the only one that can create more angels, the archangels find that defending the living world is becoming increasingly difficult. While the number of angels is steadily decreasing, Lucifer continues to create more demons and the first book illustrated how the archangels dealt with being outnumbered and outgunned. The Arcs does a great job of showing how the angels are affected in the absence of their leader; not knowing when or even if God will ever return. The main theme of the first book is that even those closest to God can lose faith in certain circumstances; that when presented with what looks to be insurmountable odds, anyone will consider a fall from grace.  thearcs_01

Although the cover was in color, the rest of the comic is in black and white. The artwork helps to set the atmosphere of the dark and gritty world that the angels are tasked with protecting. While many may assume the angels will appear to be clean cut and pristine, they are drawn to look like they have been involved in a never ending war. The violence depicted is to be expected of a war between angels and demons over the fate of mankind. The future of the series looks to involve more action, based on a not very surprising late twist. The series has potential to be something very different from the stories told in mainstream comics today. The Arcs had a great start that I would definitely recommend to people that are looking for something different. The story pulled me in from the very beginning and left me wondering what is yet to come. However, it remains to be seen if the subsequent books can continue the momentum.

*Review by Shaun Washington (ETMF Podcast)