Introducing Indies: Bullet Gal #5

Oct 12, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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6945024 Bullet Gal #5 – Brigit (If? Commix)

Words and pictures by: Andrez Bergen

With apologies to B.B. & Will Eisner.

How do you create a memorable villain? Give them an exclusive issue to explore their usually bloody past. The story of Bullet Gal is one full of death and murder, left and right. As we take an intermission from the main story, Brigit details her likewise murderous filled past. The first thing that you realize as you read about Brigit’s past, is that it wasn’t happy. There is no period of joy that she recalls or cares to share with us, it is all focused on the bad memories leading into murdering. That is the true nature of this character.

Bsk4ocRCUAAEkZe.jpg largeThe writing in this particular issue makes you feel like you are right there with the femme fatale in “gay Paris”, which Brigit doesn’t share the same happy emotions for. With the mixing of the French language and heavily accented words, it felt like a great foreign film. The images used are not the traditional comic book pen, ink and pencil, but that of photographs doctored and enhanced in many various artistic ways, with a noir style filter over the imagery. The two story telling tools, art and script, make this fictitious biography a point of view and story I would love to keep reading.

By the end pages of this book, we are at a point in Brigit’s past where we are eventually caught up to the current timeline. This issue successfully re-introduces the reader to a main character in Mitzi’s (Bullet Gal) bullet filled adventure. Now, having gotten a look at just one of the people in conflict with Mitzi, I feel like the main story will be more personalized and no longer just “good” vs “evil”.

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