Introducing Indies: Future Primitive

Aug 28, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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Future Primitive (Markosia Enterprises)

Written By: Kevin Gunstone
Art By: Slobodan Jovanovic

There is a great new comic that hit Comixology in June of this year. It reminds me a lot of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. Why do I say that? Because Kevin Gunstone’s use of vocabulary and imagination has brought this story to life, just like Robert did to Conan. The artwork by Slobodan Jovanovic is excellent and very detailed. In my opinion he will be an up and coming artist that we will see a lot more of in the future.

In this debut issue we meet Kulkan, the last warrior of a tribe. He grows up on an Earth you and I wouldn’t recognize, and these aren’t the cave men we picture in our minds. They are smart and have formed into two warring factions, the Sun tribe and the Moon tribe. A lot of mysterious things seem to happen and a cave with strange symbols and stories seem to be the focal point. They show the readers a Mayan-like calendar that is counting down, but to what? What does it all mean and why are the two tribes fighting? Head on over to Comixology and pick it up for just $0.99, and let’s find out together! This is part one of a five part story arc. I look forward to the next issue and finding out more about the Kulkan.