Introducing: “Renzo Protocol Revolutionizes Liquid Restaking with $17M Funding Boost”

Jun 18, 2024

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Renzo Protocol Funding Announcement


Renzo, the Liquid Restaking Protocol, has secured $17M in funding to expand its restaking services. With nearly $4B already restaked with Renzo, the protocol aims to simplify and make restaking more accessible for users.


Renzo, a secure user-friendly interface to the EigenLayer ecosystem, has recently announced $17M in funding across two rounds. This funding, led by Galaxy Ventures and Nova Fund – BH Digital, will enable Renzo to enhance its restaking services and make the process easier for users.

Main Points

Restaking is crucial for scaling security on Ethereum, but it can be complex, risky, and costly, hindering user adoption. Renzo aims to address these challenges by providing a seamless experience for restaking, securing AVS, accessing rewards, and integrating securely with node operators.

Renzo allows users to deposit native ETH, stETH, and wBETH (LSTs) to access EigenLayer. It runs a distributed Ethereum validator infrastructure, enabling unrestricted participation across various platforms with over 100 DeFi integrations.

Renzo differentiates itself by focusing on restaking from the ground up, accepting both native ETH and Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs). This approach fosters collaboration with existing market players and ensures a user-friendly process for participants.


Renzo, as the restaking hub of EigenLayer, simplifies access to Liquid Restaking strategies. With institutional-grade node operators, Renzo offers a streamlined interface for securing AVS, managing risks, and tracking rewards on EigenLayer. For more information and opportunities to earn rewards, visit Renzo Protocol.