Is Blogging A Non-Combative Sport?

Jun 5, 2020


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Non-combative sports typically mean you stand alone; the only destiny you control is your own. You cannot change the outcome of another competitor’s actions or performance. You can rely only on the strengths and talents which are in your possession. In short, you’re on your own baby; as the crowd bays for blood, don’t you wish you had taken up a team sport where you can blame someone else for your shortcomings?

Blogging is a non-combative sport. 

OK, so blogging isn’t a sport, let’s set that straight from the outset. It is, however, a competitive industry and as a blogger, you will be battling against millions – and I do mean millions – for a place on the podium. To win as a blogger you need guile, cunning and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. You also need an in-depth knowledge about your subject matter and an understanding of your target audience. You need to understand the rules of the game; you’ll also need a decent skill set which includes – but isn’t limited to – research, writing, proofreading, editing and image sourcing.

What can I blog about?

You can blog about virtually anything; niche blogging about movies, people, politics, TV, sport, entertainment, ornithology, conservation, rambling and gambling are a few examples. The glue that binds all these diverse subjects together is knowledge. If you want to build an audience, garner hits, likes and shares on social media platforms and websites, you cannot pull the wool over the eyes of your audience. If you can do all that and entertain at the same time, you can earn money from blogging. If you are on top of your game and consistently deliver content which your audience craves, you might just be able to give up your day job.

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Blog about computer hardware

You can blog about computer hardware but if you do, you’ll need to stay on top of innovation. You’ll have to constantly research to keep abreast of the latest chipsets, core processing power, DDR rates, Nvidia graphics hardware, RAM workspace and data transfer rates and how they affect the user experience of the hardware. If you don’t know, be assured your audience will know and, like a competitor in the gladiatorial arena, they will be out for your metaphorical blood if you mess up.

Blog about all things gaming

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs which are dedicated to the latest gaming pad releases for X-Box and PS4 for example. However, there are myriad game pads and controllers which are available from independent suppliers, such as the Razer Wolverine Ultimate handset as an example. Blogging about the latest releases of gaming hardware and software releases, such as Desperados III, you’ll capture a large audience share if you’re on top of your game.

Blog about online betting and in play sports

Blogging about online betting and in play sports is perhaps catering to the single biggest global audience. You will need to know your stuff; research will take up a lot of your time. Writing about or talking to your audience in YouTube vids or other platform media, you can inform and educate. For example, a tight blogging niche might be to write or talk about online roulette for New Zealand players and the framework of the gambling laws in New Zealand and how they affect online betting compared betting in a bricks and mortar casino. 

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Alternatively, you may see yourself as an expert on the subject of Aussie rules football and how in-play betting odds are calculated. Conversely, there is a huge audience globally, all desperately clamouring for the latest stats, rumours, news and views of the comings and goings of football in the EPL, the Bundesliga, Seria A and the Champions League. 

If you have the passion and the will to blog, you may be able to make a living from blogging. However, the brutal truth, just as in non combative and team sports, is that few make a place on the winners’ podium. 

Millions of bloggers make little - if anything - and more than a few - if any – do not make enough to cover expenses, and as such pay for the privilege of blogging. It takes dedication, hard work, lots of research, time, and more than a little patience to make it as a full time, money rich blogger. What will you blog about? 

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