Is Gearing Up in WoW Worth It?

Nov 23, 2020


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Getting the best gear in BFA is one of the priorities for most players. For those who don’t know why it’s so important, let us clarify - gear isn’t just about how impressive your character looks. It’s about enjoying the game to the fullest.

Games should be fun, even if you’re plotting your path from zero to hero. Fortunately, we have a top recommendation for you - consider ordering a WoW Character Carry service. This article will show you that gearing up is necessary and how it can be accomplished quickly and easily. 

6 Different Ways to Obtain Armor and Weapons 

As a player, you have multiple gearing options.

  1. World Quests

We suggest completing the Kill the Messenger mission, at the same time obtaining several higher-level items. Remember that the higher your average ilvl, the higher the level of items will be given as a reward. 

  1. Arathi Highlands

What matters here is whether your faction controls the zone. If Arathi is under your control, all players of the faction will have access to a special boss. After killing it, you can get level 370+ gear (including Azerite). The Seal of Wartorn Fate can be spent on for additional rewards. 

But even if your faction doesn’t control the zone, all players have access to rare items - special mobs which can get you level 340+ loot. 

  1. Heroic and Mythic Dungeons

In heroic dungeons, you can find loot at 325 and above. Having achieved the average ilvl of 325-330, you can go to mythic dungeons. Here, in addition to equipment, there are 340 ilvl pets and mounts fall, as well as Elemental Water used for crafting rare items. 

  1. Mythic+
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Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons can be a great way to replenish high-level gear. The level of the gear varies depending on the difficulty. Mythic + has its own nuances of obtaining Azerite gear, which isn’t something many beginners can handle.

  1. Raid

On September 5, the Uldir raid opened its doors. Compared to the normal mode, the equipment level will be 355 and higher, from the heroic mode - 370+, from the epoch-making mode - 385+. 

  1. Auction

Don’t forget about the auction. If you have some funds to spare, you can head to the Auction House. Even though faster leveling equals higher levels, bear in mind that it’s rather expensive.

Do You Really Need to Gear Up?

All dungeons possess a minimum and maximum level requirement. Meaning, you need to be in a specific level range to access certain dungeons and outdoor zones. If your level is too low, you won’t be presented with an option in the drop-down menu. Instead of the checked box next to the dungeon’s name, you’ll see a lock icon and a pop-up window “You may not queue for this dungeon” will appear, and any missing requirement(s) will be listed below.

The point of getting better gear is to be able to do better and better content. Some of the tougher dungeons are reserved for more appropriately geared players. Getting locked out is definitely something you don’t want to experience in the game. Just keep gearing up, after all, gear makes you stronger. 

The Grind of Gear Farming

It can be frustrating to get gear with the right ilvl. Naturally, you want to see fat loot when running a dungeon or a raid. Those epic raid encounters are a difficult road for most players. Namely, the task of obtaining 430+ ilvl gear in every slot requires raid, mythic+ dungeons, expeditions, and other activities.

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This is why gear farming is more difficult than it looks on the surface. You can’t just roam around hoping to come across something valuable. You need special skills and knowledge of tactics to climb your way to the top. Only then will your character be prepared for serious adventure instead of yet another repetitive quest. 

Most of us have life commitments that we simply can’t neglect. Taking into account that farming is a time-consuming and tedious activity, you have two options. You can either bite the bullet and put in the hours or neglect the game from time to time. So, it makes sense if you dread spending countless hours doing the same things over and over again. 

How to Make Gearing Up Fun

You’ve probably heard stories about players spending hours just to become a high-level player. If it sounds appealing to you, there is no issue. But if you want to skip endless raids to reach your goals, you don’t have to grind on your own. 

The higher the level of equipment you want, the harder it is to farm. For level 95+ gear, you will need to get to the Mythic dungeons or Heroic and Mythic raids. 

Gear boosting comes in real handy when you’re getting your character ready for raids and battles. Based on your requests, a professional booster can take over the game for a short period. When they’re done gearing up your character, you’ll have your account back. This is a straightforward way to acquire the weapons and resources you need.


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