Is SuperBoy Dead? Young Justice Phantoms Video

Nov 7, 2021

Is SuperBoy Dead Young Justice Phantoms Season 4 has been nothing but surprises. The first episodes surprised fans at DC Fandome and at the end of episode 4 we got a major sad surprise in the death of Conner Kent AKA Superboy. Fans are in full speculation mode, but the showrunner Greg Weisman talked a little to Cinemablend and what he said was a bit telling.

Is Superboy really dead?

Most superhero shows (heck, most shows period) don’t kill off their main characters and keep them dead. That said, Greg’s comments sound like there is both a finality and a story arc to confirm the question of “is Conner Kent dead?”

When chatting with Cinamablend, the question of: Is Superboy Dead Young Justice Season 4 seems to be resolved from Greg Weisman’s perspective.

I definitely think that the repercussions of even little things, but certainly something as big as Conner’s death have to play out across the rest of the season.

Greg Weisman

Only time will tell if Superboy is really dead and going to stay that way – heck there are still those fans holding out for a Wally West return – but this certainly adds some drama to the season. The show is using Atremis’ story arc as the vehicle to help fans relate more. As a non-superpowered Superhero, and having felt the sting of Wally’s death, she was more accessible emotionally.

I think there’s just a lot of resonance there, a lot of threads to pick up on. I think the audience will feel that and find those new threads interesting.

Greg Weisman

What do you think? Is Superboy dead Young Justice Phantoms Season 4 is certainly making it interesting for fans. The writers are stretching the formula of what most superhero shows tend to do, season after season.