Is your electricity bill consuming your monthly savings? Compare for new cheap electricity plan and switch today.

Oct 12, 2021


Electricity consumption in daily life is trivial. Daily productivity both domestic and industrial are electricity based above 95%. With the high usage of electricity comes an expensive bill. The bills sometimes can be beyond your expectations and very difficult to manage your monthly finances. Lucky for us, there are online services that help save money from electricity bills. Online shopping to get cheaper deals on groceries, clothing, gadgets, etc. has been fun so far, so why not shop for new electricity plans and find cheap electricity deals that fit your monthly budget.

Online comparisons are available to compare different electricity plans from local retailers available in your area and best of all it’s free of cost. The consumers can now shop online and get free quotes from the retailers to compare the offers. This would help you get cheap electricity plans compared to your previous plans. If you find the right deal that fits your budget you can instantly switch your service provider unless you have on paper contract terms running. 

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Tips to get cheap electricity bills on your monthly and yearly plans:

Although you might have a better plan running currently, sometimes your bill might not seem to be fair. Here are a few things that you can take care of to cross-check your electricity bill with consumption. 

  • Check for false connections and loose wirings in your electric leads.
  • Usage of new smart appliances that consume low energy
  • Check for your reading meter, if you have an old and manual version, it is suggestable to replace it with a smart meter.

If you still think your bill does not match your consumption, you can ask your retailer to provide a detailed description of your bill. As per the new AEMC regulation, the consumers have the right to switch their energy retailer anytime. With all the available online comparison service providers you can get instant quotes from popular retailers in your locality and choose your best suitable plan.

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Switching to a plan that is cheaper than the previous one will help you save  and also, you can avail new offers and extra benefits from the new retailers every time you switch your plan. Cheap electricity plans can be provided from your favorite providers in your area. 

Econnex is an online energy comparison service provider in Australia that is leading in business helping thousands of customers every day online. Econnex has exclusive comparison quotes and special brand partnerships with the most popular brands. With Econnex now it is easy and simple to shop for electricity plans that are reliable and profitable.


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