It’s Time To Go Back To War in “D4VE #3” Review

Apr 14, 2015


D4VE-03-pr-1-97afd (416x640)D4VE #3
IDW Publishing

Story & Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Art & Colors: Valentine Ramon

D4ve #3 The continues the story of an old war veteran trying to prove to his wife, his new son, the world and most importantly himself that he is still worth a damn. The day he has always dreamed about and all that he has ever wanted has arrived. In this parody of human existence, right down to the sleazy co-worker and “we need numbers” type of boss, there is a lot to take away on a philosophical level. Then again you can just read this comic for its face value of robots vs aliens which is fun enough. I have loved this version of 3ARTH (Earth) and all of the technological conversation that substitutes the true earthling word for a more robotic term and all of the innuendos and graphically dirty dialogue. In either case the meaning is still clear.D4VE-03-pr-5-93fa3 (416x640)

After collecting all his old weapons and showing off a little to his new son, it is time for the cliche event of “getting the band back together”. As D4VE heads out to get his old war buddies in on the defense of the robot-race, Ferrier writes a script that makes you really root for this seemingly worthless robot and how things are slowly starting to even off (in terms of how crappy his life is.) The world that has been written for us is also decorated with subtle jokes of how silly some of the things humans actual do can be. Like hanging up meaningless paintings. In this case the “very comfortable with loving each other” war buddies have a painting of a box of nails or screws on their living room wall (I think its a modernist piece…).

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With the story quickly advancing, and D4VE starting to take control of his life once again, its going to get very exciting, and humor filled with all the graphic robotic metaphors and descriptions continuing as the old war horse takes up arms once again. At first when I started this series I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but now only three issues in and I feel like D4VE is just a guy that had a lot of crappy events happen to him as his life fell apart before his eyes. This is a story that has been told plenty of times, but never like this.


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