J.J. Abrams Excited To Start Developing ‘Star Trek 4’; Reactions To ‘Beyond’ Are Positive

Jul 14, 2016


Early impressions for Star Trek Beyond have started to make their way online, and there’s now further confirmation that work on Star Trek 4 might be already underway.

While speaking at the press panel/screening for the film, producer and former franchise director J.J. Abrams responded to the question about the development of the fourth Star Trek film.

“Yes, and there’s something that hopefully we’re figurative minutes away from talking about. But the answer is 100 percent yes, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

Last summer, it was reported that both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto made deals to return for a fourth film.

We haven’t heard concrete news that next film is a go-ahead, mainly because it looks like Justin Lin might have other commitments coming up with chatter suggesting he might take a crack at Warner Bros. Akira, or heading back to Universal to make his final two Fast and Furious installments. It’s unclear if the film is a massive hit that they’ll want Abrams to return and rather stick with Lin, but since it’s unlikely J.J. will be heading back to Star Wars, so a return to Trek could eventually happen.

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The early reactions so far have been quite positive, some placing the film as the standout of the franchise.


One notable addition that’s been getting buzz is Sofia Boutella‘s standout role as Jaylah. I’m almost certain if she survives the ordeal that it would be in producers best interest to add this compelling female character to the crew. Considering, the terrible reception the series has had when harking back to it’s sexist 60’s characterization of female crew members.

Screen shot 2016-07-14 at 7.20.35 PM

I think we’re all still curious when they’ll get around to giving us a film pitting the Enterprise against the Klingon Empire. The last two films teased them, and there had been rumors the original incarnation before Simon Pegg’s rewrites would include them. Now that they’ve seemingly got the franchise back to it’s exploration roots, maybe they can give us some Klingons.



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