Jack Huston Confirmed For THE CROW Remake

Mar 15, 2015

Dread Central has confirmation from The Crow creator James O’Barr while at the Lexington Comic-Con that British actor Jack Huston of Boardwalk Empire fame has indeed been cast as Eric Draven in the remake, replacing Luke Evans.

Huston is currently leading the remake of Ben-Hur which is expected to be a much larger action-focused production. I like Jack a lot but this remake seems pointless to me.

I’m sort of indifferent to this remake mainly because I was obsessed with the original film starring Brandon Lee and see really no reason to remake it. There have been three sequels which were all basically remakes and a Canadian television series, all which in my opinion where sort of lacklustre compared to the original. It’s going to be hard to win over Crow loyalists like myself, but we’ll see what they end-up with.

The worst thing a studio can do is remake a beloved cult film, just look at what happened with remakes of Total Recall and Robocop. In many respects The Crow was the first successful gritty comic book film leading the way for Blade in 1998.

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