‘Jack Ryan’ TV Series In Development; Recruit Mark Ruffalo or Jon Hamm!

Sep 23, 2015


Deadline reports that Paramount and Skydance aren’t giving up on the Jack Ryan franchise, even though Shadow Recruit was basically the dullest installment of the series and likely killed Chris Pine’s action star status (for the moment). They report that a television series is now in development with Platinum Dunes, and the three production companies are shopping it around to different outlets, which has led to a bidding war.

Dunes recently developed the Hannibal series while Paramount Television is behind the new Minority Report series at Fox. One it’s lead producers is Carlton Cuse, who is also behind Bates Motel and The Strain.

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Clear and Present Danger, The Hunt For Red October, and Patriot Games, are highlights from the film series and there’s some hope from myself they take pages from those instead of making the character the next James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt, which recently blew up in their faces. Ryan is a C.I.A. desk jockey analyst, writer and professor, thrown into the world of espionage, they should sort of keep that humble aspect of the character.

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I feel like this would be a terrible move to put onto network (CBS, ABC, NBC, or Fox). First, they wouldn’t be able to hire top-level talent as they would be over at Netflix or HBO. All five films are currently streaming on Netflix, so having it released on that platform wouldn’t crazy to think after they’ve produced stuff like Narcos. Second, I doubt anyone big enough would be willing to commit to more than 10-13 episodes per season. They should also be looking at actors a bit older than Affleck and Pine were previously, giving the character a bit more gravitas which we’ve come to expect.

The two actors I feel could channel both Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford era of Jack Ryan, could be Mark Ruffalo and Jon Hamm.

There has been a huge campaign to get Ruffalo involved in some Columbo revival series, and while that’s all fine and good, he’d be better suited for role like this. The only thing is Ruffalo still has an extensive Marvel contract and is chasing Oscar gold, but if they wave an easy 10-13 episode shoot in front of him, it could be way to get him on board.

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Hamm on the other hand, has finally won an Emmy and could take his pick of his future acting gigs. The only problem is that he’s had a really tough time getting into films, besides a handful of supporting roles stuff like The Million Dollar Arm flopped hard for him. It might be good for him to find a another television job, and I feel like this could help usher him into more meaty film roles, in the long run.


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