James Gunn Says Fox Has Rights To Kang and The Shi’ar Empire

May 30, 2015


James Gunn via Facebook has shutdown another group of characters that won’t be appearing in Guardians of The Galaxy 2, and likely any other Marvel Studios film. Revealing that 20th Century Fox indeed has the rights to use villain Kang The Conqueror and The Shi’ar Empire, which may or may not include The Starjammers. The more studio people talk about who owns who, we can get a clearer imagine of Fox and Marvel can do in the future.

“Shi’ar and Krang are both owned by Fox.”

Thanks to Fox’s deal for Fantastic Four they do end-up getting a lot of the alien characters, which sort of means that they’ll have enough material to make more installments, set on and off-world. Having Kang The Conqueror would bring time-travelling into the movies. Luckily, it looks like Fox might have better intentions with these characters, than we’ve seen previously.

The Shi’ar Empire are directly linked to the X-Men franchise, where they got their origins, they also have strong ties to the swashbuckling group of space pirates The Starjammers, led by Cyclops’ father and brother. Basically, Fox has access to their own version of Guardians of The Galaxy if they really wanted to push the X-Men franchise into space. Josh Boone’s New Mutants might be the avenue where they could actually introduce aliens into the franchise, because New Mutant Warlock just happens to be an alien and could help setup a bigger Marvel cinematic universe than we’ve seen with Singer’s take. I really do feel that if Fox is smart they’ll pursue a Starjammers film.

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