James Mangold Wants To Help Get An ‘X-23’ Movie Made

Feb 13, 2017


A press junket for James Mangold‘s Logan recently took place in New York City and we have our first interesting tidbit about the director’s future with the X-Men franchise.

While speaking with We Got This Covered, Mangold revealed briefly he’d like to see an X-23 movie happen and wants to be involved with it.

“I would love to see an X-23 film and that is something I would definitely be involved with.”

James didn’t really expand upon that statement, but since he was the one that brought it up we imagine plenty of outlets will try to get more quotes concerning Mangold’s thoughts it.

Would he want to produce, write, direct, or all of the above?

We’d hope to see Dafne Keen stick with the role if she does good enough in Logan. There is potential to see her join the ranks of X-Force.

You might remember that Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer mentioned they had pitched to 20th Century Fox to have Laura/X-23 replace Wolverine instead of recasting Hugh Jackman when he finally leaves. Mangold deflated that promising idea when he recently revealed when he asked to use X-23 in Logan the studio was completely unaware of her.

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Humbl Beginnings.......

We have our fingers crossed Logan ends up as good as the buzz suggests and helps Fox finally make a female-led X-Men movie. The studio has been sitting on a bulk of the female characters from Marvel comic book universe but they have not explored seriously.



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