Jena Malone Secret Scenes Cut From ‘Batman v Superman’

Mar 4, 2016

In some surprising news it being reported by Entertainment Weekly that actress Jena Malone (Sucker Punch, The Hunger Games) secret scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has since been cut from the theatrical cut. While we don’t even known what DC character she was cast in its being reported that her character “expands upon the DC Universe further”. Most rumors circulated that she might be playing an older Carrie Kelley (Robin in The Dark knight Returns) but that was soon put to rest by the actress. Another theory is that Malone is actually a crippled Barbra Gordon who’s since taken up the mantle of Oracle.

Now while this isn’t proven it’s interesting considering Malone’s scenes will be put back in the Ultimate R Edition for Batman v Superman released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Now if you think about it you could make the argument that if she is indeed Barbra Gordon; her scenes could be based off the graphic novel The Killing Joke. In which in The Joker (Jared Leto) in a way to get back at Jim Gordon shoots his daughter Barbra. Rapes her, then takes photos of her naked and bleeding to death to taunt the Commissioner. This is all far to graphic for a PG-13 film and may be saved for the R-rated cut. Of course this is all pure speculation and nothing more…

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Batman v Superman: Dawsn of Justice debuts later this month

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