Jennifer Lawrence Teases Desire To Be Apart of ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ Over ‘X-Men’ Movies

Dec 17, 2016


Could actress Jennifer Lawrence be trying to make a jump from the X-Men franchise to the Marvel cinematic universe?

The Oscar winner jokingly told MTV during a Passengers press junket alongside Star-Lord himself Chris Pratt that she’d rather play Mystique in one of the Guardians of The Galaxy films than another X-Men installment.

This might reveal some apphrention to return to the X-Men franchise and with her contract expired she’s likely free to do as see likes concerning doing other superhero films. There is some expectation with writer-director Josh Boone recently revealing to Collider that he’s pitched a New Mutants trilogy, that could be the new director for that series with Bryan Singer on hiatus doing 20,000 League Under The Sea.

It remains to be seen if Jennifer will be apart of new X-Men films or not.

We know from Marvel that there hasn’t been any change in the relationship between them and 20th Century Fox, squashing any rumors of an Avengers/X-Men crossover anytime soon. If Lawrence did join a Marvel Studios film she would have to play another role entirely.

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It seems unlikely that she’d be able to sneak a cameo into Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 as reshoots have seemingly come and gone, but there have been rumblings that Guardians of The Galaxy 3 could go into development soon and become one of the three unnamed Marvel releases in 2020.

Members like Moondragon and Quasar haven’t been cast as far as we know, which opens the door for Lawrence to take part in future films if she seriously wanted to. There’s also Rocket’s otter cohort Lylla, who was briefly referenced to in the first film.

Guardians of course also stars the voice of Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, who co-starred with Jennifer in Silverlinings Playbook, Serena, Joy and American Hustle. Jumping at the chance to work with him once again doesn’t seem like a bad thing if they get along enough to make that many films together in such a short amount of time.

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This must be music to the ears of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who has been trying for ages to lure A-list talent to their projects. While this had been previously hindered by Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter being in-charge of the studio’s purse strings and lowballing lead actor salaries. It looks like there is a genuine openness now from Disney and Marvel to look at bigger names, so maybe not lead roles but a smaller part within the Marvel cinematic universe could be very likely.

Then again, recent Oscar winner Brie Larson picked-up the their big Captain Marvel role in July. It’s possible if Jennifer really breaks ties with the X-Men franchise both Marvel and DC franchise roles could present themselves to her.


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