Jessica Jones 2X03

Mar 1, 2018


Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Season 2, Episode 3

After the conclusion of the previous episode of Jessica Jones, Jessica and Trish find themselves dealing with a messy aftermath and some shocking revelations. Who really did this to her and who else is it affecting? I sense a bit more empathy in this episode than I have in any of the previous. There’s a lot of paranoia building in this season thus far and now it’s not just Jessica always looking behind their back.

Just like I said about episode 3, I feel like Trish is facing as many demons as Jessica. The paranoia and ‘mommy issues’ shine through. She’s going to lengths to meet a mysterious person Jessica may have uncovered and it may not safe for anyone.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

There are quite a few more threats in season two than just Killgrave which I’m really enjoying. Even though this only episode three it’s already quite a bit more complex. Trish is taking on a bigger role and branching away from Jessica quite a bit and I’m very excited, and a bit nervous, to see how her character progresses. There are now a few new characters introduced that I’m wary of. The show is written in such a great way that it has kept me guessing. The end of this episode was fantastic! Jessica’s detective skills with Trish’s research obsession is really pay off.

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