Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Ghosts Part Four (REVIEW)

Aug 5, 2020


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Storyteller Ghosts 4 Cvr

The Storyteller’s tales provide amazing lore. Modern society really only presents one flavor of creature. The Storyteller’s tales show us that not every monster is merely one-dimensional. Each entity has an origin and a purpose. It is in acknowledging their creation, by understanding it, that this series shines. Cautionary tales that kept travelers safe when the world was young and seemed bigger.

Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Ghosts Part Four (of Four): The Promise

Boom Studios

Story and Art by: VER
Letters by: Jim Campbell


This issue was bittersweet for me. I had to accept that this series, for now, was ending. This piece of my childhood, of Henson, is ending. However, it is with relief that if this is our last time by the fire, he made it a good one. Titled “The Promise,” we witness a grandmother, Babcu, do all she can to keep her word, despite otherworldly tormentors.

The other entries of this series have focused on merely one entity. This one sees the Storyteller provide details on the Zdusze, souls both seeking and repelled by the light. We also get a glimpse of Veles, God of Death. VER makes it known who is the bigger “threat” to Babcu’s journey through the images of Veles. The image of him enraged proves he is in control of things in this issue. The image of the multiple Zdusze chasing Babciu presents a horrifying image of an old woman alone and vulnerable.

As is the case with most Storyteller stories, the real monster or menace isn’t always immediately realized. VER has created a tale of loss and terror by allowing most panels to have a dark tone, while still allowing light to peak in. This is a tale of a grandmother’s hope, of a promise to keep. Still, there is a glimpse of hope; a promise may be kept. And, as the final story for now ends, the Storyteller reminds us how we may always be reminded of them, always.

Score 9.0

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