Joe Manganiello Is Likely Playing DEATHSTROKE In SUICIDE SQUAD; Villains Revealed!

Mar 12, 2015


It’s actually been a while since that original report linked actors Joe Manganiello and Jason Clarke for the role of Deathstroke in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Cinema Blend is now stating that Joe Mangeillo who tested for both Superman and Batman, is the frontrunner for the role of Deathstroke. They mention Jason Clarke still being in the mix, while other sources are saying he’s sort of moved-on or is too busy to be apart of the film.

Latino Review is backing-up the Joe Manganiello frontrunner claim for Slade Wilson but states Clarke is out because of another project, meaning Joe essentially has the role. Let’s also remember that Joe worked with director David Ayer on Sabotage and Zack Snyder has been trying to find him a role in the DCCU for years.


#DEATHSTROKE IN #SUICIDESQUAD! Deathstroke works with/for #ONSLAUGHT & does their dirty work. He’s a hired assassin and he doesn’t have any powers like in the comic book. They’re going for a pre-super villain Deathstroke. He’s a huge part of both of the major set pieces of the film. His introduction is INSANE! He’s badass & almost takes the team down on one mission single handed. Deathstroke has THE breakout & choicest role in the film. The running gun battle that sources are describing is something else. His suit is very stealth oriented. They used an actual US military tactical outfit for the basis. He’s armed to the teeth, uses a sword and automatics. In concept artwork he has two eyes. The mask is there and it’s the iconic one.  Rumor about Jason Clarke still in play is not true because he originally got offered Deathstroke months ago but has a scheduling conflict with Marc Foster’s’ ‘All I See Is You.’ Joel Kinnaman originally tested for the role as well but got Rick Flagg instead. Joe Manganiello has a scheduling conflict with Ryan Murphy’s ‘Scream Queens’ BUT HE JUST DROPPED OUT! What does that mean? Deathstroke is ‘probably’ his.

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