Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Voice An Alien In ‘The Last Jedi’

Sep 11, 2017

It looks like we’ve learned a new cameo for The Last Jedi as Rian Johnson reveals that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will voice an alien in the sequel. He said this during an interview in Japan and posted by Oricon News.

“You know what I can tell you is that my – and we haven’t said this yet, but I think this is OK to say – is that my very good friend, the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was in a movie I made called Looper, he does a cameo as a voice of an alien in the film. It’s a very brief little thing, but it’s fun, and if you watch the movie, maybe you’ll be able to hear and pick out Joe’s voice in the movie. That’s the first time I’m revealing that.”


Rian and Joseph have consistently worked together over the years, so the cameo isn’t terribly surprising. There is also word that Tom Hardy has a cameo as a Stormtrooper.

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