Just Being a Kid in “4 Kids Walk Into A Bank” #3 (REVIEW)

Dec 26, 2016


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #3
Black Mask Press

Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Tyler Boss

Quickest of quick summaries. The kids decide to rob the bank before the “creepy guys,” hilarity ensues. I’ve said it before but in this case I really mean it, nothing I say will ever capture what happened in this book. So just read it because you’re missing out if you don’t.

This is what I actually wanted to talk about praising the creative team behind the series going in alphabetical order. Tyler Boss has once again killed it in this issue bringing something to the table that I can’t get anywhere else. His like work is incredible and his pacing throughout really adds to the humor. Tyler Boss is for sure a name to watch in the industry, he’s going to do great things.

So I know it’ll seem cheesy but I want everyone to get some credit in this review because everyone deserves some. If a piece of it wasn’t working the comic might not work on a whole. Clare Dezutti does the flatting which is a term I had to look up and now vaguely understand. If I get it correctly she preps line art for coloring. Thomas Mauer does the lettering something I was already familiar with and Courtney Menard did the wallpaper for the issue. All of these things essential parts of the comic that come together to give it the feeling and aesthetic I’ve come to love.

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Lastly we come to Matthew Rosenberg the writer of the series. A year or so ago I could’ve said the same thing about him that I just said about Boss “he’s a name to watch.” This has been proven by the work he’s now done through Marvel and the continued work with Black Mask Studios. He is one of the few names that I will but whatever they put out because I won’t be let down by it. He gets comedy and builds characters in a way that feels incredibly refreshing.

To close this long review out I’m going to say buy this series. Buy it while you still can because it’s the best thing to come out in 2016. Nowhere else will you see a girl get punched in the face by a criminal. Nowhere. That alone should have you intrigued so do yourself a favor and read it.

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