Justice League Movie Superman Statue REVIEW

Dec 14, 2017


Justice League has finally hit the big screen and with it, DC Collectibles and sculptor James Marsano have brought comic books biggest icon to life in a stunning Justice League movie Superman statue featuring Henry Cavill. This limited stated features the Man of Steel in his most heroic pose, hands at his side, chest out, cap blissfully draped behind him and starring in the horizon. Despite how you felt about Superman’s recent onscreen portrayal this statuesque piece is a wonderful representation of the Man of Steel and I can’t help but feel inspired everytime my eye catches its bright colors and that historic S.

Marson’s sculpt is almost perfect. The resemblance to Cavill is uncanny and any fan of The Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, or Justice League would be ecstatic to have this statue looking over their collection. Even though his lips are perfect and pouty, my statue did have a slight painting flaw in the left eye and looking at him straight on it looks like he has a lazy eye. This is a minor flaw and is hardly noticeable especially considering the pure majesty of the rest of the statue. Of course, my favorite part is the chest piece as Marson’s highlights it as well as Cavill’s physic making it the focus of the statue. From there you see the delicate details of Superman’s Kryptonian suit as every millimeter is texted to best replicated the suit from the film. The texture masterfully complements the curves of Cavill’s muscles. And who can forget about that bright red, flowing cape? This Superman features a cloth capes that is both playable and flowing, allowing for maximum heroism when displaying. It appears to have been a painstakingly crafted figure and the effort was well worth it as the added textures and details really turn this into a Man of Steel that just stepped off the big screen and onto a Justice League Logo.

Movies and come and go but this statue can be forever, as the symbol of Superman may never fade. Justice League may not have been a hit with critics but the power, beauty, and hope this statue demonstrates is undeniable. Henry Cavill embodies the look, posture, and presence of the Man of Tomorrow and this DC Collectible is further proof that he deserves his place among Reeves in the hall of fame of Superman. It’s hard to find a flaw in this Man of Steel effigy and even if there were any they would be easy to overlook thanks to the work of Marson and the attention to detail. The Justice League Superman Statue is the perfect collectible for any fan of the DC films featuring the Man of Steel. It embodies everything you love about the character and the uniquely texted suit featured in the films is a visual highlight that makes this cast feel almost alive. If you looking for something to display your love for the Man of Tomo Henry Cavill or Justice League, this Superman statue is a must-have for your collection.

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