Justice League Odyssey #4 Review

Jan 1, 2019


Justice League Odyssey #4
DC Comics

​Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Philippe Briones
By: Jeremy Cox
By: Deron Bennett

In Justice League Odyssey #4, we see our team coming to terms with this civilization that worships Cyborg as a God. While they are off trying to figure out why these people pray to him, we see Darkseid continue his plan on whatever it is he is trying to do. This time though, he looks to recruit an old villain that fans of the Titans will be excited to see again. In an earlier issue, he claims he is wanting to help but right now it seems clear that his plans are all to preserve good fortune for him in the future. 

Our cover also shows Azreal fighting Cyborg and they have a good reason for this to occur within the issue.  The fight doesn’t last long but it does what it needed to do in the context of the story. There is a big reveal at the end on what the civilization has planned for themselves while Rapture, a character brought in from the last issue finally meets Azreal. The story definitely takes a bit of a slow down in this issue but it seems to be all for the better to try and really build whatever it is that is about to happen. It’s never a bad thing to slow things down especially when you have other villains being brought into the story. I will say though that it’s great seeing Cyborg at the center of a story again, especially in a team book.

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Our art team continues to do a fine job and the splash page early in the issue with the large statue of Cyborg standing among this futuristic alien city looks fantastic. The way they do Starfire too also gives her a good throwback vibe on her design from back when she was first introduced, mainly with her hair and how they drew and colored the curls in it. The lettering is fine and never really goes for anything creative. A part of me would like the word bubbles to have some character to them, especially with the members we get to have right now. What is making this series really enjoyable right now though is this group of heroes, having a team like this is just weird but their personalities bounce off each other really well and gives us a new dynamic to separate themselves from others like the main Justice League and the Suicide Squad. 

Final Verdict 7.5/10

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