The Kamandi Challenge #11

The Kamandi Challenge #11
DC Comics

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Walter Simonson
Colors by: Laura Martin
Letters by: Clem Robles

We are nearly at the end of The Kamandi Challenge as we last left off with Kamandi finally finding his mother and the base being attacked by the Death Worshipers. With another issue out, Kamandi continues to bring us a wild adventure with crazy action scenes, ridiculous animals with unique skills and leaves us asking how will this all end. I really enjoyed how we finally got Kamandi back with one of his parents but sadly all good things must to come to an end. It’s a shame that Kamandi just can’t catch a break when he finally thinks he has found some rejuvenated hope in his life. The only thing I was a bit taken back from was Walter Simonson’s art in this issue as it seems inconsistent at times. Mainly Kamandi seems to be a bit smaller than I remember? Aside from that, Simonson’s style like many other artists on this run still manages to make Kamandi feel like the crazy action and adventure series that it aims to be.

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One of the things that made me really happy about this issue is that Rob Williams still brought back characters from previous issues and utilized them in very specific ways. One of the best things to me about the Kamandi run is how they don’t seem to be afraid of killing off characters. They also have no problem introducing characters you think will be pivotal to the plot then immediately cutting them down. But the return of the sharks is one of my favorite moments. I mean, how can you not enjoy sharks with jetpacks? The robots that were introduced a couple issues back served a great role as opponents and I’m glad they did not make them pushovers. In fact, having them essentially winning the fight proves the danger they pose to the animal’s society. If jetpack sharks fighting robots aren’t enough for you. Don’t worry as Kamandi heads off to space and finally meets the thing that claims to be controlling Kamandi’s own fate. At the first sight of the Misfit, I had a good laugh for he is extremely non-threatening looking, as he is a small looking creature being held like a child from a large robot. However, Kamandi does wish to meet him, as we are all set up to finally see what happened to his father.

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Kamandi continues to be not afraid to go far and wide with all of its crazy antics. If you have been on the ride this long then you won’t be disappointed.

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