King DC Nerd Kevin Smith Voices Distain For ‘Batman v Superman’; Calls It Heartless and Joyless

Mar 30, 2016


Kevin Smith talked about Batman v Superman on his podcast Hollywood Babble-On (via The Playlist) and the director revealed he didn’t like it much.

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Feel free to listen to the full reaction to the film above at the one hour and five minute mark of the podcast.

Here are a couple of quotes via The Playlist.

“Certainly not the world’s greatest Detective. More like Bat-Trump. The characterization is left of center…Batman’s never like, if there’s a 1% shit could go wrong, let’s fucking stab people.”

“I don’t feel like ‘[Batman v Superman’] had a heart, it was certainly fucking humorless, there was nothing funny going on in that world whatsoever, but it had lots of spectacle.”

“Boy, he knows how to compose a frame and set up a shot; beautiful visual stylist. But you need more than just the pictures, you need characterization and these characters seemed off. “

“It’s missing joy,” Smith continued. “The Marvel movies have a lot of joy in them and I realize as I was watching [BVS] and here’s the weirdest way to sum it up: I thought it was really dark, I don’t know that I would take a kid to this, it’s kinda bleak. And I’m not a pussy about this — ‘oh kids shouldn’t see violence’— and I’ll give you an example. I’ve seen ‘Deadpool’ twice. I would take a nine-year old to see ‘Deadpool,’ … More so than that, the moral of Deadpool is crystal clear: It’s not what you look on the outside, its who you are on the inside. It’s kinda of a beautiful story…there’s something there that you can grab onto… It’s been 72 hours since I’ve seen it and I don’t know what the moral of the ‘Batman v Superman’ movie is other than, maybe, maybe, if you stretch it real thin, ‘Hey kids, don’t judge a book by its cover.’ “

The main take away is that Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are indeed the highlights.

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These views seemingly reaffirm the overwhelming critical perspective and Smith has aligned his views with those dismal reviews.


There’s been a crazy notion that anyone criticizing the film are bias or being paid by Marvel/Disney to do so. Well, that’s not the case and Kevin Smith’s decent debunks that bizarro DC fanboy myth.

Smith recently directed an episode of Flash, wrote a 90’s Superman film, has tackled DC comics as well and even hosted two DCCU specials for Warner Bros. He’s also one of the reasons Ben Affleck took the Batman role and named his daughter after Harley Quinn.

Where’s the bias now?



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