“Lady Killer #4” is a tour-De-Force! – REVIEW

Mar 31, 2015


LK0Lady Killer #4
Dark Horse

Written by: Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Art by: Joelle Jones

In the penultimate issue of ‘Lady Killer’ #4 Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich ramp up the action and bring us closer to what should be an exciting conclusion to the marvelous miniseries.

Josie’s boss wasn’t so keen on his perceived lack of commitment from her and now that she couldn’t go through killing her latest target, a young boy, Peck is trying to get her to play along but the confrontation turns deadly.

LK1It’s a little surprising to see Peck and Josie go toe-to-toe considering how he tried to smooth things over with the big boss about her job performance. Josie’s had it with the killing business so she’s decided Peck can’t be trusted.

The series has been leading up to this where Josie makes her break from the agency while trying to keep her husband, kids and nosy mother-in-law safe and none the wiser about her vocation.

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Jones and Rich have constructed a fantastic, fast-paced, story that just builds upon the last issue leaving the reader wanting more. I certainly did in more ways than one. The tough thing in a short series is to get a lot of character development. I wish I knew more about Josie’s background, her motivations and how she got to where she is. The only way to attain that it seems is to get an on-going series from Dark Horse Comics. I’m crossing my fingers and toes in the hope that happens.

LK3It’s impossible to talk about Lady Killer without talking about Jones’ incredible art. I mean as reviewers we’re kind of required to but Jones co-writes and illustrates this passion project and the care and attention to detail is there in every panel. Her touch is ingrained in every page. It’s not so much the individual panel either it’s the car chase, the fight scene, the choreography, the cinematography, it’s the best elements that make sequential art move and flow as though you’re watching a film. Issue four does that with masterful ease. Laura Allred’s colors add to the setting of the 1950’s perfectly in everything from the clothes, cars to the housewares.

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The scary part is Joelle Jones keeps getting better.

Josie finds an unlikely ally or two heading into issue five and I can’t wait to see how all this plays out. Issue four is a tour-De-force so I can only imagine what the conclusion will bring.

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