Leaked Audition Tapes Possibly Reveals ‘Shazam!’ Main Antagonist

Sep 20, 2017

Late last night we at Omega Underground uncovered several audition tapes for DC Comics upcoming live-action adaption of Shazam! Interestingly, enough the audition tapes were not some mock scripts used by the casting director. Instead, they were written exclusively for the roles of Billy Batson and Shazam. Unfortunately, WB got wind of the recent videos has since blocked the videos from the public.

Now we noticed several small references within the audition that teases the films main villain. Now again we can’t stress enough that these audition scripts may have nothing to do with the final film. However, it’s hard to ignore the queue points made within each audition. The two videos which feature Billy Batson first meeting the wizard Shazam starts off with a few jokes. However, at one point, the wizard mentions how he is the last of the council. For they had all been destroyed by the Seven Deadly Sins. And that earth now needed a champion for save humans from being destroyed by The Sins as well.

From the Shazam Wikipedia:

The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, also known as the Seven Deadly Sins, are seven powerful demons, based upon the seven deadly sins enumerated in Christianity, who serve as occasional foes of Captain Marvel. The Enewho can take control of both humans and superheroes. The Sins were captured by the wizard Shazam many years ago, and encased in seven mockingly cartoon-like stone statues, which were placed in the Rock of Eternity.

Another small nod was that the Wizard mentions how the earth hasn’t had a champion in quite some time. Alluding to something happening to the previous Shazam. Which could hint to Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam been missing for centuries? Which could lead directly into the Black Adam solo film or setting up a Shazam sequel.

Again, these tapes may not end up being in the final cut of the film. But the fact the studio didn’t use any fake names or mock scripts for the audition process. As well as quickly taking down the videos could mean something as well.

Shazam debuts in 2019