“Legends of Tomorrow” – Expectations of a Non-Nerd

Jan 21, 2016


When watching the trailer for the new CW TV show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow it feels exciting. I’m almost surprised by the fact that it is a trailer for a TV show. There is almost a Dr. Who or X-Men style or feel to the show. It has the feeling of Dr. Who because of the time travel aspect and the time traveler, Rip Hunter, plays a supporting character on Dr. Who (is there going to be a cross over in the future? Probably not, but one can hope). And it feels a lot like X-Men because of the dynamic team that is being brought together.


Regrettably, I admit that I do not watch Arrow or The Flash. Although the connections between the three shows and their characters may be lost on me, I hope I can understand them as I begin my journey with Legends of Tomorrow. I know these shows are loved by many, but why group the Legends of Tomorrow characters together – why do they not have their own shows? I guess it would flood the CW network with more superheroes than the audience can handle or tolerate. And with there being crossovers between Arrow and The Flash that bring everyone together, it makes since that they would want to provide the audience with a epic group show that answers all the pending questions.

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On the CW website they have a introduction video with short backstories of each character and interviews with the executive producers of the show. They are all really excited for this TV show to launch. It’s hard not to get excited when Andrew Kreisberg says “Arrow is a vigilante crime drama, and Flash is [a] superhero, adventure, family show, then Legends of Tomorrow is utterly bananas… it is superhero crack”. Or when Greg Berlanti states “Arrow is tough and dark and brooding, and Flash is warm and fuzzy and fun, Legends is just insane and crazy and totally unpredictable”.

Each character seems interesting in their own way. I’m most excited to see more women superheroes break onto the scene; Hawkgirl, White Canary, and Black Canary who guest stars in some episodes. In a group setting, it seems that women characters seemed to be out-shined by the male characters; I hope to see more in-depth character development with them.

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Then there is the short introduction to Vandal Savage, the villain. He must be one bad guy to have to bring eight superheroes together to defeat him. Hopefully we, as the audience, are not disappointed with an easy victory or a cheesy defeat; that we are kept on the edge of our seats until the very end.

Overall, I’m expecting and hoping that as a non-Arrow or The Flash watcher I will still be able to follow the story line and enjoy an entertaining adventure. There has been a lot of excitement building up to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – will it hold up? We will find out Thursday January 21st, when Part 1 of the pilot airs.


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