Lenovo Yoga 7i 15 – Just $850 at BestBuy – Review!

Jan 10, 2021



Alright, this is the Lenovo Yoga seven I 15 inch 2IN1 convertible laptop and it’s a very good machine. I’ve been sitting on this review for far too long. You may have seen my original video which was a tour. I did that right away. I got it from Lenovo unboxing and went wow. I did the video and then that’s it. I put it away and then I’ve come back to it from time to time, but the battery drain test, which we’ll get to in a bit. 

And I just did my usual stuff on it and The thing is that I would say I was. I was not impressed or I just wasn’t excited about the laptop. 

Well, actually that is true. I wasn’t excited about the laptop, it was just. It’s a solid machine. But what finally got me to, you know, take it off the laptops and and get to work on this video is a sale that’s happening right now at Best Buy, so I’m going to try to get this video out as soon as I possibly can, so that if you’re interested in it, you don’t miss this sale, ’cause it’s pretty, it’s pretty solid. 

In fact, you could call it an epic discount. This laptop is $1050 and this particular model is a Best Buy exclusive. You can get this laptop. 

From other places, but this exact model is exclusive to Best Buy, so it’s normally 1050. It’s currently on sale for 8:50. Yes, $850 and you can get it open boxed for even less an you know Best Buy has a really good return policy on laptops with no restocking fee. So if you don’t like the open box 1. 

Just return it and then you go buy the ones on sale brand new, unopened in 850 is a very good price for this machine that’s to me. How this becomes a very compelling by is that it’s under $1000. Frankly, it’s under 900, just like phenomenal. So OK, we’re going to dive into some of the specs. Well, all the specs that are important. 

And we’ll dive into performance battery life. The whole deal in this all around review. 

Here we go. 

This particular yoga seven I is the 8 two BJ 0003 US model. This one is exclusive to Best Buy so you get an 11th Gen Core i7. It’s on the Ivo platform. 

It is a 15.6 inch 1080P touch display with a 1/2 terabyte SSD. Now instead of 16 gigs of RAM, this one has 12. You can get this with 16 gigs of RAM, but for the Best Buy model that’s exclusive. It’s 12 and that’s the one that I have here. This laptop runs really well at 12. 

And I don’t know how it would run at 8:00. If you find a naked model somewhere else, but I’ve used Windows 10 with I-70 eight Gen, I7 for example, and eight gigs of RAM, and it’s miserable, so that could have been unique to that machine. I don’t know, or those machines rather, but just with my experience, I wouldn’t recommend that. So OK, here’s the deal, it’s 1050. 

MSRP or retail price at at Best Buy. It is on sale right now for 8:50. This sale started today. This is a three day sale and I don’t know if it will extend past the three days, but it’s part of the three day sale. 

So 850 is a super compelling price. This is a good all around machine and we’ll get to that in a moment. Now the open box is even more compelling now. Six 6299 represents the fair condition, which means it can be scratched an show wear and tear with scuffs and also not include the power cable so don’t spend 663 in my opinion on the fair condition, go with the excellent condition which is seven 2199. 

That makes more sense to me. 

So yeah alright, let’s dive in with a tour and we’ll talk about my impressions and battery life. Here she is Lenovo Legion seven I this is the dark Moss color. It is aluminum, but it’s not a unibody construction. Sort of like a razor blade, which is fine, but it is a bit heavy duty and you’re going to get scuffs and scratches on it if you don’t take really good care of it, so just. 

Full disclosure on that. Here are some close up, sort of like how it looks. It is a gorgeous machine with a nice reflection on it. Almost looks green in certain light, but they call it dark Moss. You get 2 USB. There are two USB. 

See Gen 4 ports in a headphone Jack on the other side. 

You have two USB a ports and that’s it. Of course power is on that side as well. This does fully rotate. Here’s the one hand open test which is not going to work out at all, but as a commenter pointed out, does it really matter on a two in one and I’m impartial at this point I think. 

Yeah, I’m just impartial. It is a very reflective display, but it is glass with touch sensitivity. There is no Windows hello outside of the fingerprint reader, which we’ll get to in a bit when you lay it down flat. 

It’s flat, you can put it in tent mode. 

So if you want to share something with someone like this, there you go. And then of course tablet mode. Sorry for that noise, this one did not did not come with a pen, but it is pen supported so if you were to buy it at Lenovo Pen or any other type of pendants compatible, you wouldn’t have a place to slide that pen in as you do with the yoga nine. I. 

Which I reviewed very recently as well. 


Yeah thoughts. Well it’s very well built and there’s some cool touches that Lenovo is done that I think really help it stand out. So for example have called this out on like a bunch of Lenovo videos but I love how they’re putting the models on the lip, which is really cool. So this lip sticks out. 

I don’t know if you could see that. Yeah, that’s not working out, but it sticks out. So when you run your finger across the front, you will feel the lip and to me this makes a ton of sense when you’re doing a one hand open. It’s like, OK, grab my laptop, lift it up, and so when you see it happen like this. 

It’s very welcoming, right? But without the one hand open to me, the lip thing is still really cool, but doesn’t have that overall like satisfaction of you know what it feels like to just want to hand open that thing and put your finger on the on that lip to lip it. Lift it up. OK, so full size keyboard here the touch pad is totally fine. 

It works well. It’s not too. 

Slippery, I guess is the right word. It feels good, but it’s not very large relative to other laptops that are out. Even other Lenovo laptops, but not by a large degree. For Lenovo laptops this is running until evil, which means it meets certain standards as far as the wattage of the CPU. The immediate wake up. I don’t know if you notice that as soon as I lifted the lid for the first time in this video, that laptop woke right up. 

That’s important to Evos and battery life standards, so the battery life is. It’s just insane. May that’s not fair, it’s just super good. 

So for example, I ran my standard battery test, which is to loop a YouTube video series until the darn thing dies. I have the brightness at half and then I have the backlighting off on the keyboard and the battery setting is set to stage two out of four for Windows and this went 11 hours and 21 minutes. 

That’s a lot. That is a lot of performance and I’m very happy with that. So as far as using this thing day-to-day for me, I’d like having a dedicated number number pad. So on the keyboard you have a full size keyboard with the number pad. There’s no delineation between these keys, so they’re shaped the same. They feel the same. 

The distance between the first column of number keys and the last column of. 

You know column Alpha typing keys is the same as the distance between the regular typing key, so it just sort of blends in. Aesthetically it’s fine from a user standpoint. You definitely get used to it, and if you’ve been typing for a long time, you know exactly where to put your fingers. So the fact that it isn’t called out or accentuated the number pad that is, or in some way overly squished. 

It’s fine, it is absolutely fine. 

OK, so fingerprint reader. 

Is here as well. Sorry for the focus there. So the fingerprint reader, it just works. I didn’t have to fiddle too much. It was to me just as reliable as the fingerprint reader on my cell phone. So that’s I guess that’s really exciting and super good. So there’s a couple of things I do want to call out because I’m not sure what’s going on. Number one is the fans will just sort of kick on. 

As you can see, the lid is. 

Closed the laptop should be off. The power button is illuminated. I don’t know what’s going on. This is happened before where I close it and I expect to go to sleep mode and then I’ll be like you know, all of a sudden the room is quiet and then I hear this hum of the fans 20 minutes later and it will remain on it. I open it back up and deliberately put it into sleep mode. 

But that doesn’t happen every single time I close the lid, so I don’t know what’s going on. 

The other thing is how sharp this is, and I think I might be one of the few people out there that actually complains about this with laptops, but one of the reasons that I love the ThinkPad line from Lenovo because they have this rubberized sort of texture all around the machines. All the ThinkPad machines, even the less expensive ones, but for whatever reason that premium look right now. 

Maybe it’s Dell’s fault for starting this? Is this really sharp edge around the entire device? So if you’re using this docked or you just have it on your lap or something, it’s not going to really bother you, but if you use it a lot. 

For tablet mode, or you’re constantly just like picking up and going with it, or you grab it, you turn around, you walk away it’s I think it will bother you. It should bother bother. Most people just should. It’s sharp it’s it’s not razor sharp is not going to catch you or anything like that, but it’s just not a comfortable, feels uncomfortable hold and I think it’s worth calling out. So maybe you think I’m. 

Just really nitpicking here. 

Sorry, but it bugs me and that’s the type of thing that would prevent me from buying a laptop like this. Now I don’t have that problem with other aluminum machines like the Razer Blade. For example, Beyblade is never bothered me in that way in the two years that I’ve had it so. 

I don’t need to tell you. 

So OK, it’s a good machine. I really like it. 

It’s just a kind of like, OK. 

That’s it, that’s all there is to it, not game machine. 

This all wrapped up. 

Alright, hope you found this helpful catch on the next one. Cheers. 


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