Lenovo Yoga 9i | First Impressions and Tour

Dec 2, 2020


What is up? My friends Joe here at Geeks Worldwide and this is the Lenovo Yoga nine. I this has a leatherette cover will take a deep dive at another time. For now, I’m going to show you just a quick tour around the laptop. What I like so far, what I think is pretty cool. And then you tell me what you want to know and I’ll of course do my best to get those answered in the deep dive so. 

Let’s get into it. Specs Intel I7 eleventh Gen. So it’s the 1185 G7 clocked at three GHz, 16 gigs of Ram and a one. 

Half TB SSD. Frankly, I could not find this exact specification on Lenovo’s website, but the closest I could find has a one terabyte SSD with those specs and it’s $1600. There’s another one with the half TB, but only 8 gigs of RAM and that is $1600 as well, but it’s on sale for 1400 and as I always say. 

Lenovo is they’re going to give you a deal. They’re always discounting for just about every international holiday there is including right now for the Black Friday time. 

Frames every Monday. OK, a little bit more about this 14H Four sorry 14 inch UHD IPS display. A4 cell battery. OK so quick tour around the device. 

On the one side, you actually get some IO. There are two USB C ports with Thunderbolt, a full size USB A and a headphone Jack on the other side, not a just the power button. That’s all you get right here. Power button and along the back. This is pretty cool. 

Is an integrated pen that you’ll find here on this side get you a closer look at it. There you go. One thing I did notice the pen was hard to pop out, so I’m going to try to pop it out now for you for the video. Oh man, oh got it. I keep very short nails so that could be part of it. But also it could just be the design so yeah, nice little pin that slides right in. I like integrated pins generally. 

Because I like to write with my hands with my with pen, I like to write by hand. Is what I meant to say. OK so? 

This speaker is really interesting as you rotate the device, the speaker sort of follows. You will get that in a moment. Now here on the lip is a recent design aesthetic that I really love by Lenovo. They’re putting their brand on the hinge and you can’t really. 

Get that on there. 

Sorry folks, trying to get you a good look at it. Will try it for I’ll try to get some B roll for the next video. Anyway, the lipsticks out it’s right imprinted on there is yoga. You lift it up and there you go. This is not a. 

One handed open operation. I’ll show you one more time. The hinge is pretty stiff, probably the way it’s designed, although possibly because it’s still new and I haven’t really worked it too much, but because of how stiff it is, you cannot one hand open it. So all seems good till about here and then up it goes so very close. 

Now I love this keyboard. I did a little bit of typing on it just to get Windows kind of configured. I think it’s great. It is backlit three stage backlighting. 

One of those stages being off this does have the Intel Ivo integrated graphics, so we’ll do some testing on that. ’cause that’s supposed to be a big deal, and this is going to be hard to capture right now, but there is it’s kind of hard to see where the trackpad outline is. It does exist and I need to find out. Maybe this is a magnetic trackpad, but it has a very interesting click, definitely on. 

Ultrabook E kind of click. It reminds me of the old yogas. Had the E ink display on one side like for some reason. 

I don’t know. I’m I’m recalling that time with that trackpad. There is a fingerprint sensor that I have not tested yet and let’s talk about the display so it is a reflective. Hey, there’s me. Reflective IP S panel. It is of course touch sensitive. Otherwise the pen wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. And when you get in it’s Windows. So just imagine how cool. 

Laptops are going to be when Microsoft shuffles the deck on Windows. 

I’m very excited for that time. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen though. I have no inside knowledge. Microsoft doesn’t talk to me. In fact, they ignore me, which is really annoying. It’s like not even that they just ignore me like they know I’m there and then they ignore me further. But I’ll keep trying folks. There is a think shutter at the top, so for the camera right up here at the top, there’s a little switch dial that blocks the camera with the physical block, so that’s cool if you’re concerned about privacy, so let’s work it around. 

Now this is of course standard laptop mode, but you can roll it down. 

To a flat 180 degrees you content it as well. 

And then you can go full on tablet mode. 

Right, so if you want to use that pen and you want to write on it, take some handwritten notes like I like to do. You’re able to do that now. I mentioned the speaker sort of follows you around. It’s a little hard to show, but this speaker you can see the grill. 

Right along here is a speaker grill, so it’s not a down firing speaker system. And then as you rotate right, you’ve got you still have speaker here. 

And then you have speaker here. So Speaker is just sort of there for you, which is really awesome. Alright, here’s the back in case you’re curious what the back of a laptop looks like. All the fingerprints that collected, so that’s your welcome. 

And yeah, overall a very thin and very light device will have all the specifications for you. When I do the final final review, including the weight and that kind of thing, I’m doing a quick check right now just on my phone to see what the weight is. Maybe I can pull that up. It’s going to take too long alright. 4K display. 


Rated 500 nits with HDR will get totally into it and we do the full review and will definitely take a closer look at this very very slick. 

Leatherette cover right. Hope you found this helpful. If you have questions, comments put ’em in the comments section, I’ll do my best to do a standard review like I normally do. But then, if you’re if there are specific things you want to know, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to cover those as well. Alright, thanks a lot. 


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