“Little Scorpion” — “Penny Dreadful” Review (SPOILERS!)

Jun 19, 2015

Let’s take a moment before talking about last Sunday’s new episode of “Penny Dreadful” to rejoice in saying that it has been renewed for a third season.

“John Logan’s brilliant writing and this amazingly talented ensemble continue to draw a passionate, global fan base into the meticulously crafted world of ‘Penny Dreadful,'”  Showtime president David Nevins said in a statement. “Together with our wonderful partners at Sky Atlantic, we’re excited to see what new haunts John and his team have in store for season three.”

“‘Penny Dreadful’ is the perfect fit for Sky Atlantic; truly international in scale and ambition but with a raft of British talent at its core, and filmed in the Republic of Ireland.” Director of Sky Atlantic Zai Bennett said. “I’m thrilled to have the series returning to the channel, and to once again be partnering with John Logan and continuing to work with our good friends at Showtime.”

The new season is a nine-episode order set to film in Dublin, Ireland — the same location as the first two seasons. “Penny Dreadful” had an eight-episode first season and is currently on a 10-episode run.

Although “Little Scorpion” wasn’t a flashback episode, it took another well worth-it timeout. This week we saw Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler, AKA The Wolfman (can we just call him that now?), return to the Cut-Wife’s house from episode three’s “The Nightcomers,” Miss. Ives centric flashback. For us “Penny Dreadful” fans, most of us likely were on edge simply because these two were paired up together. Alone. There has been an undeniable connection between them from the start of season two.

Fortunately, when a vicious lighting storm whipped up they were drawn to each other to the point of embrace and locking of lips until, what seemed like a second later, Miss. Ives pushed Mr. Chandler away. She then went on to tell him that they are too dangerous for one another. (Not a bad excuse.)

Eva Green continues to shine in her role as Vanessa Ives week after week.

A few scenes later, Miss. Ives finally opens up the book the Cut-Wife told her if opened would be the day when she’s furthest from God. Albeit, it’s safe to say she’s pretty damn distant from Him as it is. She can be seen reciting a satanic incantation of some kind as only Eva Green can while the camera cuts between her and Mr. Chandler “hunting” for Sir Geoffrey Hawkes in the cover of the night to shoot him dead. When while Mr. Chandler sees Hawkes escorting his dogs to presumably feed them. They turn around toward him instead and eat him alive at the command of Miss. Ives. Yeah…

Aside from the focus on Miss. Ives and Mr.  Chandler. The two most season relevant plot threads of note were an exchange between Ferdinand Lyle and Dr. Victor Frankenstein and quite a jaw-dropping twist dealing with Lily, John Clare’s “intended.” First, the discussion Mr. Lyle and Frankenstein had. IGN’s Matt Fowler wrote it best in his review:

“Back in London, Victor and Mr. Lyle had a cool conversation that actually helped wrangle together the series as a whole. A big, sweeping talk about Lucfier’s search for a wife so as to bring about the End Times. And that all the demons, witches,and vampires were just a means to do it. They’re all part of the Devil’s toolbox. Pawns in his attempt to consume Vanessa.”

As for Lily, there’s no other way to write this than by saying straight out that she semi returned to her former alias Brona Croft’s history as a prostitute and choked to death the man she was having sex with. It’s going to be very interesting to see where John Logan takes this concept with only three episodes remaining, seeing that creature has also shown a lust for killing. Or will this be yet another to-be-continued-in-season-three story line?

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