Live @ E3- We are Chicago

Jul 1, 2016

It’s not often that you witness the rise of a new genre within videogames but this is what We Are Chicago is. This is essentially what I would consider a “slice of life” game. There are no health bars, no super powers, no collectibles. What you have instead is something that follows the Telltale formula of Adventure games but with a massive twist, it’s based in reality, specifically the south side of Chicago. The game is still in development but the voice acting is already great and the potential to experience a life radically different from yourself is massive.

Watch our interview below and see for yourself!

Editor Disclaimer: We’re aware there’s tons of games out there designed to make political points such as the crisis in darfur. This games is different in that it’s far more story focused with far higher production values than a typical politically driven game. It has the potential to be a new and powerful tool for raising social awareness.


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