Lizzy Caplan In Talks For Unnamed Female Lead In ‘Gambit’

Nov 20, 2017

There is now word that actress Lizzy Caplan is in talks for an undisclosed role in Fox’s Gambit spinoff shooting early next year in New Orleans.

Currently, the only cast member officially confirmed is Channing Tatum as Remy but there have been reports in the past linking Lea Seydoux and Daniel Craig as possible contenders too.

Lizzy’s role hasn’t been named as of yet, but there has been talk of Belladonna’s role being more Parisian, giving the impression they’ve been seeking a French actress such as Seydoux. The working title of Forevermore suggests there will indeed be a wedding in the film, hinting to Remy and Bella tieing the knot.

My own impression is that there is a chance during the second round of rewrites they could have added Rogue to the mix. Fans have been waiting decades for the pairing and a love triangle isn’t a new thing for superhero films.


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