Lucky Devil #3 (Review)

Oct 7, 2021

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Lucky Devil #3

Lucky Devil #3, the Dark Horse miniseries’ penultimate issue, is out and there is a lot to unpack! In issue #2, we got to learn more about Stanley as he expanded his cult, while demons from hell came to Earth looking for him.

Dark Horse
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Fran Galan
Colors and Letters by: El Torres

After spending the first two issues developing the main character, Stanley, Cullen Bunn used issue #3 (out of 4) to develop the supporting characters. And Bunn did it exactly when he had to do it. This issue reintroduces us to Edmond, the psychic who tried to exorcise Stanley back in the first issue. Stanley’s love interest, Dezzy, as well as “Satanic Evangelist” – as Dezzy calls him – Argyle von Gray are given more development and are more fleshed out as characters. It’s interesting to see what motivates each one of them and they are all compelling characters. But the biggest standout out of the supporting characters is Zed, the demon lord that possessed Stanley.

Now powerless, Zed is helping Stanley fight the demons from hell that are coming for him. This is one of the best things about the book because it allows us to see Zed and Stanley interacting a lot, and that is always great. Zed’s dialogue has been a standout since issue #1, and it is still fantastic. But the best part about their scenes together is the fact that Zed knows Stanley so well. Stanley represents a person that always repressed his wishes and desires because he always felt powerless. And once he gets – literal – power, he keeps looking for more. And Zed knows that. He knows Stanley needs power and he knows exactly what to say to him in order to get what he wants, and that is why their relationship is so interesting.

Speaking of great things about this book, the artwork continues to amaze me. I love how Galan and Torres seem to really be on the same page about the book’s artwork. This issue, especially, plays with the colors in a really interesting way. There’s something harmonious in this visually bizarre and spooky world that Bunn, Galan and Torres created, and part of that is thanks to their great teamwork.

Next issue, Zed will take Stanley, Dezzy, Edmond and Argyle to Hell, as they’ll try to bargain with Satan in order to save their lives from the demons that are hunting Stanley down. In other words, ‘Lucky Devil’ is setting up what seems like one hell of a finale (Pun intended). I’m very excited to see how it’ll all end and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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