Magic makes the world go round in “Mythic #1”

May 12, 2015


mythiccoverMythic #1
Image Comics

Writer: Phil Hester
Art by: John McCrea

Different interpretations of magic in a modern society really interests me. So, needless to say I very excited when I heard about a new comic series about a group of people tasked with keeping the magic of the world quiet. In this first issue we are introduced to Waterson, Cassandra, and Nate; a shaman, prophet and a phone repair man, respectively.

The story begins with Nate encountering two very hungry flying monkey creatures using an old woman as a human vessel. Eventually he kills them though pure luck and quickly meets Waterson, who offers him a job with the Mythic Lore Services, a company that fixes magic. As the tagline goes, ‘When magic gets messy, we clean it up.’

Five weeks later we meet up with Nate, now integrated into Mythic Lore Support’s field team eight. Field team eight has been tasked with solving a dust bowl problem, but not before meeting a sheriff, and a scientist who has been trying to figure out what has been going on in this valley. After talking about how much science he’s done to try and remedy this situation, Cassandra shuts him down and goes into a fantastic world building monologue abomythic2ut how science actually does nothing in the world and everything is run by the laws of magic. Waterson then tells the scientist the reason that the valley is dry and barren is that the sky and the earth haven’t had sex in a long time because they’re in a lovers’ spat.

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Cassandra then mutters a prophecy about how Waterson must sex up the mountain elemental and then the sky elemental will be jealous which will help the dust bowl vanish. After Nate knocks Waterson in the jaw with a wrench and the mountain elemental shows up, the story ends.

Overall, I would give this a trade wait, just to see how everything else plays out. This first issue also seems that this story will flow better in trade format. Check it out though, it’s only two dollars this week and I will admit it is well worth the price.

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