Maisie Williams and Anna-Taylor Joy Reportedly In ‘New Mutants’; McAvoy and Shipp Returning

Apr 1, 2016


New Mutants is now starting to look like the next X-Men film to go into production as there is now word of the film casting it’s new additions.

Hit Fix reports that Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams will play Scottish mutant Rahne Sinclair Wolfsbane and The Witch‘s Anna-Taylor Joy will play possibly Russian mutant Illya Rasputin aka Magik (sister of X-Men member Colossus) in the new film.

The film will reportedly also see the return of Apocalypse‘s James McAvoy as Xavier and Alexandra Shipp as Storm. The assumption being this is a sequel to main saga films, not entirely a spin-off as some might have thought.


Drew even adds that other roles are still be added to the lineup, which include Cannonball, a new version of Brazilian mutant Sunspot (recast from Days of Future Past) and Native American mutant Mirage.

New Mutants‘ lineup is also seemingly cannibalizing Wadlow’s old X-Force lineup taking two of the members out of the running.

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This reaffirms what my X-Men sources have been telling over the last couple of months, that New Mutants would indeed be a continuation of X-Men: Apocalypse era of mutants. The inclusion of younger Xavier and Storm seemingly confirms this rumbling I’ve been hearing for a while now.

It’s very possible that New Mutants could usher-in a new string of non-Singer movies, as Bryan will be busy focusing on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and could step back from making more X-Men films.

Josh Boone is still named as director, but is said to be shooting Stephen King adaptation The Revival next.

Could this mean that he’ll be ready to start shooting New Mutants in 2017?

A release date hasn’t been officially announced but it’s looking like it’ll be coming in 2018.


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