Mapping The Road to DESTINY 2

The future of Bungie’s massive, first person shared world shooter franchise became slightly clearer this week when three topics of major interest to Guardians everywhere were included in what used to be called Bungie Weekly Updates – official title is now This Week at Bungie

Our first reveal was the fact that Destiny 2 will be coming in 2017. While some expected this sequel to come this Fall its great news that Destiny is finally getting a sequel. I’ve been ready to find out more about The Exo Stranger I met in 2014. I would bet all the Glimmer I have that brand new planets will be explorable, who knows maybe even the planet this mysterious person calls home.

Secondly, Bungie announced that another large (Major?) expansion is coming to the world later this year….possibly in the month of September, which will start year three of Destiny. I am already thinking about what adventures my three guardians will experience later this year. Can yet another location be added to my Director?

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Last, but certainly not least, new content for gamers who crave the PvE adventures that can only be found in the wild will have their fill when Spring of this year arrives. New gear, new challenges, a significant increase in light – currently max light is 320, and more fun experiences & replayability will accompany this update. This portion of news actually surprised me because we normally only saw light increases when previous expansions released. I hope this update comes sometime in April (don’t hold me to this month).

In closing, this news already has my Twitter timeline buzzing. One tweet I came across as I sat down to write this article was penned by @tripleWRECK – he is known for live streaming Destiny on Twitch. He also has a large following on the two websites. The tweet is what he hopes will come with the large expansion slated for later this year:

I would have to agree with him, although it may be that last gen support will only drop when Destiny 2 releases in 2017. This was but a glimpse at the roadmap. Bungie will be plotting more waypoints as we get closer to these content drops.  As soon as they’re ready to share more information about the future of Destiny we will report it here. I’m ready for E3, but in the meantime feel free to share in the comments what you want to see and experience from this franchise in 2016 & 2017.

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