Married to a Geek

Dec 4, 2013

My wife is not a gamer. Yet, there are countless reasons I spend minutes every night before bed thanking God we are married. I finally decided to ask her why she doesn’t mind my geekiness. Below is an interview with my beautiful wife, Analisa.

Describe what it’s like living with a gamer.
For the most part it’s not that different from your other hobbies. The good thing is you don’t really play when I’m at home. The only difficult part is you constantly are obsessing about the latest game or console and if you should buy it or not. And that causes you so much stress.

I agree that I do obsess about how to spend my time wisely. Have you picked up on any habits that are healthy?
That are healthy? You’re conscious of how you spend money. You sell your games a lot and only keep the ones you like a lot. The thing is though, you do stress about that too. I’ve seen you spend hours stressing about which games to play when you have an afternoon to yourself. And you don’t actually end up gaming. So that’s not healthy. What is healthy is Geeks With Wives has helped you meet new people that share your interests. And that’s really fun to see.

You’re not a gamer at all. Do you ever think about what it would be like if we shared this hobby?
I would be a big nerd.

Do you mean that anyone who plays games is a nerd or that you would get into it a lot?
Kind of. With my own hobbies I get really into them and I would do the same thing with video games.

Well now you have me excited. Any interest in dressing up as a character from a video game? It’s called Cosplay.
Absolutely not. But I’ve been told it will turn you on! But that’s just not my personality.

Well let’s discuss that off the record…
Haha, ok.

When you get together with your friends and you all start talking about your husbands, is it comfortable to describe me as a gamer?
I don’t think a lot of people understand gaming, unless they are gamers. If they’re not gamers they think it’s kind of a nerdy hobby. But I explain to them that you’re really interested in the business aspect of gaming and look at it from a mature point of view. And that’s what Geeks With Wives is all about: the adult perspective of gaming.

Geeks With Wives is nearly 3 years old. It may be my baby, but you did have a hand in it’s creation. Do you remember what that is?
Yes, I came up with the name!

Any regrets?
No I think it’s catchy.

You’ve been by my side as GWW has grown. Any fun memories?
Ya when you were doing the fundraiser for the Boston Marathon bombing, I was so proud of you guys. And I loved sponsoring you even though I don’t understand gaming I knew how much it meant to you. And you were trying to reach out and created the fundraiser from scratch. I wanted to show you how much I love you and support you.

Any other fun memories?
When we were in Hawaii this year you were so excited to get your Twitter up to 1000 followers. I loved how excited you were.

What benefits do you feel you receive by my being a geek?
You’re good at fixing all of our technology, and you do your research on everything from TVs to laptops. Plus I know you have something to do when I’m away. What sucks is I never know what to buy you. You always have these things you want but I don’t understand them. And you know where to buy them at the best price so I can’t buy them for you.

Do you think I’ll be able to handle being a dad and also a gamer?
I think your gaming will probably end up having to decrease, but for a man who juggles so many things anyway I know you’ll figure it out.

Well, anything you want to say to our community here at GWW?
Hi 🙂