Marvel Comics Review: She-Hulk #1

Jan 17, 2022

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Wither her everyday life is in an abysmal shape, Jennifer Walters is on a quest to rebuild it. Having to rely on friends and favors the struggle ahead of her is already proving difficult. As She-Hulk has found out many times in the past, keeping her regular and superhero life apart will be difficult. 

Marvel Comics
Written by: Rainbow Rowell
Art by: Roge Antonio
Colors by: Rico Renzi
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna 

The issue starts with Jen Walters in an impromptu fight that helps set the stage for what she is going through. At her new job, she learns she was a pity hire and prevented her from litigating against her new boss. After meeting with Janet Van Dyne, an unexpected visitor shows up. 

As the issue builds, we see how there are always two different views to every situation. Rowell can set this up with little throwaway lines picked up later by other characters. The best example of this is when Jen and Mary are about to fight, and Jen takes off her suit, mentioning it is her only one. As they are fighting, many confessions are made, and we are made aware of how bad Jen is. This theme also brings up themes of Superheros being privileged compared to villains and ordinary folks. 

The art blends well with the story and themes. Antonio’s art is balanced between the fighting, visual gags, background, and character expressions. As there is so much going on from panel to panel, the focus is balanced, allowing for crucial points to come through without too many distractions from the background. 

Final Thougths

Overall the issue is fun and helps set up the story for new and old readers. With She-Hulk, having this duality between the Hulk and Jen Walters, balancing that dynamic is complex. Rowell and Antonio can have fun and understand the difference between them. The issue dramatically references and reinforces those differences, creating an excellent start to a She-Hulk comic. 

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