Marvel Explains Silence Concerning ‘Iron Fist’ Series

Nov 24, 2015


Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been stellar hits for Marvel Television and prove that television is certainly the best place for certain Marvel characters. We finally got a good look at Luke Cage in Jones, with his solo series being currently filmed.

However, there’s been some rumors bubbling online because of the lack of announcements when it came to Iron Fist. The final hero to get a series before their ultimate team-up in the thirteen episode run of The Defenders, hasn’t landed a showrunner or even a lead actor.

Jeph Loeb spoke to Comic Book Resources to clear-up some rumors that have been circling lately concerning the demise of Iron Fist, or being turned a Netflix movie instead. Making sure that the unknown Jessica Jones was clearly front-and-centre of the minds of viewers and fans, not allowing Fist news to overshadow her series.

One of the things we wanted to be able to do was make sure that “Jessica” — which was a property that a lot of people did not know, and really, hats off to the people at Netflix who came up with the ad campaign, which is a sign that the world learned her name. Albert, you and I have actually talked about this before. Every time you start any property, whether it’s in comics or in movies or in television or in animation, everyone’s always looking for, “Tell us a little something about the next one, so we can get the jump on that story.”

There was a lot of speculation about what was going on with “Iron Fist,” because [fans] hadn’t heard anything about it, but there’s never been any change at all. We knew exactly what we were doing at Marvel and at Netflix. Let’s get “Jess” out there, everybody knows that “Luke Cage” is up and going. What I can say right now is, we’re very excited about “Iron Fist,” and the short answer is, yes there’ll be news.

This makes sense considering we do expect that Fist would be the second biggest production in the four series commitments, due to the amount of special effects, sets, costumes and fight scenes needed to bring Danny Rand’s origin to the small screen. Stealing the thunder from Jones wouldn’t have been either fair or smart, as the series is easily the best TV project put out by Marvel.

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Long story short, with the release of Jessica Jones and the strong word-of-mouth of it’s quality. They can now start moving forward with Fist and making those announcements very soon. I know many are very curious who they’ll cast in the show, and who will actually be on the creative team.


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