Marvel Generations will Lay the Groundwork for the Future of the Marvel Universe

Marvel Generations will Lay the Groundwork for the Future of the Marvel Universe

The beginning of the Marvel Generations trailer asks a question that fans of the Marvel Universe have been asking for years now. In essence, can the new generation of Marvel heroes exist in the same world as their predecessors?

Marvel Generations will attempt to answer that question in an upcoming run of stories from the House of Ideas. Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso talks to fans about how an event in Secret Empire will help to create this epic story which will have the modern-day heroes each taking a journey with their counterparts that will reshape who they are and give new context to their mission.

Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort assures fans that the new characters will not be sidelined by the return of the classic heroes.

Alonso promises that Generations will give readers strong clues about who Marvel is and where they are going. You will see Miles Morales teams with Peter Parker, Carol Danvers alongside Mar-Vell, Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho, RiRi Williams fighting side by side with Tony Stark and more.

The stories of GENERATIONS begin at the Vanishing Point where time has no meaning, and these epic tales offer fans a direct bridge and prelude into the senses-shattering Marvel Legacy, as the challenges and revelations of GENERATIONS will alter the destinies of our heroes moving forward in a dramatic fashion!

Marvel Generations will be a ten issue weekly series starting in August.

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