Marvel Heroes: The Raccoonatics

May 30, 2014


As part of the 1 year anniversary of Marvel Heroes, the community has spoken up to talk about their love of the game. While playing Marvel Heroes, no doubt you’ll see cute little Rocket Raccoon running around the game world. If you look closely, you’ll see several of them working together, guns in hand, to bring peace to the universe. These are no ordinary raccoons. These are the Raccoonatics. They’re a fantastic group of friends that mostly met online while playing Marvel Heroes. Below is their story from Raccoonatic member Foreverret. Oh, and in case you’re wondering it’s pronounced like “lunatic”. - Joe


Once it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be a film in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I decided to get and read every GotG comic I could get my hands on. Shortly after reading all of these comics and getting to know all of the characters I became a flarkin’ Rocket Raccoon fan, big time. Then Marvel Heroes was announced and planned on having Rocket Raccoon in their game, I got insanely excited. I got into early closed beta before Rocket was even released for testing, and joined a community of Marvel addicts and fan boys like myself, who were equally stoked to be a part of such a game, and what a community it was. Darkbeast is a guy who had several thousands of posts on the earlier version of the Marvel Heroes forum. He would help or comment on almost every single thread, spreading useful knowledge or insightful input to any topic. His partner in crime (or posting) Leowyld, is without a doubt THE go to guy for all knowledge on Rocket Raccoon. So being excited about Rocket coming to MH, I was in the Rocket Forums almost every day. I myself had joined DB, Leo and a few others in the way over 1000 posts club, by spreading my opinions and hopefully helpful comments all over the forums and helping build the community into a cohesive and positive atmosphere.

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So as you can guess, DB, Leo and I were always in the same threads, basically chatting together. So once Rocket came out, and Guilds were released, the three of us decided to make a guild that would hopefully be known for helping the community and sharing knowledge, oh, and for loving Rocket Raccoon! DB coined the name The D’ast Raccoonatics, and from that day forth, the Raccoonatics have existed as a force for good. As the game launched we expanded the guild to about 50 members who were chatty and played quite a bit, but eventually Leo and DB decided the guild had become something other than the Rocket fan guild they had designed, so they left and reformed the guild with the same name, after the old guild changed names. Now the guild exists in Marvel Heroes, as a small 10-15 member guild, who all love Rocket, who all love to help others, and enjoy the game with every fiber of our being. You will hardly catch Leowyld playing anyone other than Rocket Raccoon. He’s cosmic prestige-ing him currently, and to be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him on anyone else. That’s true fandom! Me, Darkbeast and a few others, don’t only play Rocket though, just because we’re a fan guild doesn’t mean we can only play Rocket, we play other heroes we are fans of. I know DB is hoping for Beast to become playable soon. We often discuss the new Guardians of the Galaxy comics when they come out, we discuss new news about the upcoming Marvel films, Leo keeps us updated on all things Raccooniverse and shares any updates from I’ve been getting as many guild runs going during Bounty Week as I can, although I suspect I’m in a different time zone than a lot of the other members, but we get together a few times a week, and are looking (albeit somewhat nervously) to the raid content.

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So we’ve been part of the Marvel Heroes community since March 25th 2013, and because of Gazillion and their great work, we’ve come together and have helped form the community into what it is today. The devs have even named one of Rocket’s in game uniques, The Raccoonatic LW (for LeoWyld) 30 Launcher, after the guild and we’re all pretty excited about that still. We can’t wait till later this year, when we’re planning on forming a group with Rocket, Star-Lord, Nova, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man while using Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Beta Ray Bill as our team ups! It’ll be our dreams come true! We’d be the Guardians of the Galaxy, all on the same screen, in the same game, and that excitement proves why we are who we are, The D’ast Raccoonatics!  -Foreverret

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