Marvel Studios Is Looking To Bring On ‘Nomad’

Dec 16, 2020


Murphy’s Multiverse has found a trademark listing for “Marvel Studios Nomad,” a listing that showed up along side other studio properites that were officially announced during the Disney Investor’s Day call.

In the comic’s Captain America along with other ‘Super Soliders’ have taken on the moniker Nomad before so it opens a lot of possibilities for the studio to explore the character. Many may assume this could the return on Steve Rodgers, but given the set up of Falcon and the Winter Solider it is more likely to be the miss adventures of another “Captain America” like Rikki Barns or John Walker. Or if they want to utilize the multiverse they are currently building we would even see the adult son of Steve show up, Ian Rodgers who also took on the Nomad name.

My guess is John Walker, who will have a pivotal role in the upcoming series and once that is concluded it’s very likely his “Captain America” status is stripped and those he will be a wonder ‘Nomad’ looking for his place in society with his new found abilities. It’s also possible this series could be the sequel to Falcon and the Winter Solider as it safe to say the show may continue in some form but require a name change due to its conclusion.

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Only time will tell but I can say we are excited for the potential of all this MCU content.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse


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