Marvel Studios Not Coming To Comic-Con; Will They Hold Their Own Fan Event Instead?

Mar 9, 2015


I’m sure nerds will be crying-fowl from the news via James Gunn that Marvel Studios won’t be attending Comic-Con this year.

However, we don’t actually know what the studio’s plan actually is at the moment. Just because they aren’t planning on attending Comic-Con doesn’t mean they won’t be doing a special event down the line. Marvel could be planning on something of their very own instead.

This also doesn’t mean they won’t have a presence on the floor of Comic-Con, since they’ll likely have their usual promotional attractions and posters littered all over.

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Remember, back in October when they invited a bunch of fans and bloggers to the El Capitan Theatre and revealed a whole bunch of information, which led to them dominating the genre news cycle for weeks?

It’s very possible that they could get away with avoiding the headaches that come from doing an event at Comic-Con. Mainly, the time restrictions, the event costs and the fact that it’s hard for the average fan to get into these panels let alone getting Comic-Con tickets and accommodations.

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I think it’s better for Marvel to break-away from Comic-Con and create their own thing. We can all agree that the El Capitan event was a huge hit and gave us so much information at once. I have a feeling they were testing the waters for something bigger in the future.


Marvel was also able to keep things like Civil War and Chadwick Boseman‘s involvement in the film as Black Panther a secret until they revealed it. Doing this at Comic-Con becomes harder for them considering the amount of people that get involved. I wouldn’t doubt see them moving towards a more brand focused event instead.

Imagine if they held their own event at Disneyland or another massive venue?

Allowing Marvel fans direct access to the event with a slightly less hassles. I’m not saying Comic-Con is terrible, it’s just seemingly apparent that Marvel Studios wants to do a lot more which they can’t really do in San Diego. The Marvel brand is getting increasingly bigger and if they do want to give fans more access to the projects, having their own event feels like the next big step for them.

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If they held their own events in the L.A. area it would be easier to keep casting reveals secret along with being a much more relaxed setting. Giving Kein Feige, directors and actors a lot more time to do panels, presentations and Q&As. I don’t think people would be disappointed about getting another exclusive poster or other type of merch for attending.

Another big issue I’ve had is that they don’t stream the Comic-Con panels, having Marvel stream their own event online via or YouTube wouldn’t be hard at all. We’ve seen other studios stream major events like with the reveal for Spectre. Allowing fans worldwide access to the event would be another big step in the right direction for them.

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Are you disappointed Marvel isn’t coming to Comic-Con? Do you think they’ll create their own Marvel event instead?


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